Tanigawadake Autumn Hike

Oct. 10, 2016 Autumn Hike

Part 2 of our autumn hiking trip to Gunma! 

After Oze, Tanigawadake was number 2 on our list of autumn foliage in peak season. We didn’t research too much about the mountain but just saw some pictures on instagram and thought it would be great to go there! So after hiking in Oze, we went to Tanigawadake and stayed at Tenjin Lodge, right beside the Tanigawadake ropeway.

That night I was really hoping to see stars since the sky was so cleanr in Numata! But just 20 minutes away, in Minakami area, it was so cloudy! Oh well, as the owner, Kieren told us, the mountain has its own weather. 

So we started early the next day. Forecast said it would be sunny, and we’re energized!

We got on the ropeway, and within twenty minutes it brought us 1300 meters above sea level. Beautiful sunny day and a peek of autumn colors at the hiking base in Tenjindaira! 

There’s a short lift after the ropeway but we opted to hike from here instead.

Tanigawadake is a hike where you go along the backbone of the mountain. And I didn’t know this, but apparently, it’s one of the well-known hiking spots in Japan for beginner’s rock climbing. The thing is, I’m not yet ready for that stuff! Imagine my surprise when we had to climb using some chains! 

It’s not difficult the entire hike though, and you get rewarded with beautiful views along the way.

And after a few more rocky ascents, we got to a viewing point where you have views from all sides! It took us 2 hours.

It’t a beautiful sunny day but the clouds are hovering and the gentle wind is very cold! I felt the need for a down jacket when resting.

We took in the beautiful view of the wonderful autumn foliage before us, and of the mountains spreading out behind us. We climbed this far just to see the view! 

Looking into the horizon I saw the ropeway station, a mere dot from where we were standing. It’s very humbling to be in the mountains.

If we went further than here it would be all clouds, so we decided to head down, as we feel that we accomplished our purpose coming here. 

Going down was really difficult! It was all rocks for about 30 minutes. But we managed. My knees were a bit shaky, but I think that’s just me. 

At the ropeway station, there is a proper restaurant, clean bathrooms, and a souvenir shop.

Non-hikers were spending a nice sunny day on the grassy area of the ropeway area.

All in all, it was a great trip even though I tired my knees so much! I’m very happy that we got to see mountain kōyō in the most spectacular way! 
Tanigawadake, Gunma

How to get there: Takes 3.5 hours by local train from Tokyo. Head for Doai station. 

Autumn season: Peak at mid-October


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